Our Team

Tori Franklin


Tori is a professional track and field Olympic athlete dedicated to empowering others. She is has been a motivational speaker for 12 years, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and recognize their greatness.

She is a Master Reiki practitioner, using her skills to promote healing and balance. Tori is also currently pursuing additional certifications in tantra, yoga, and therapeutic dance, seeking to expand her abilities to help others even further.

Colin Diment


Colin Diment is a world-class healer and movement specialist. He has worked with hundreds of Olympians and professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, Crossfit, USA Rugby and countless NCAA champions in numerous sports. His profound understanding of multiple holistic health and wellness practices like yoga, QiGong, and meditation helps others become the best version of themselves.

Colin received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and his masters degree from Mississippi State University.

Karen Dennis

Business Development

Karen Dennis spent 45 years as a collegiate track and field coach and was the head track and field coach at Ohio State University for twenty years.

Karen has coached 8 Olympians, 140 individual Big 10 Champions, and 12 Big 10 team championships. She was named the Big 10 Coach of the Year 12 times and was named Regional Coach of the Year 6 times. Karen was also the head women’s track and field coach for Team USA at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Karen possesses excellent personal development, leadership development, and team building skills, and she is passionate about helping young people succeed in all aspects of life. She currently resides in Columbus, OH.

Cheryl Reels

Fundraising Coordinator

Cheryl Reels has worked at Wells Fargo for 10+ years. In that time she has filled various roles, including as a Business Execution Associate (Enterprise Analytics and Data Science), Senior Business Execution Administrator, Senior Payroll Director, and Human Relations Specialist.

In addition to her role as a valued Board Member, Cheryl is the primary Fundraising Coordinator for Live Happii Retreats. She currently resides in Columbia, SC.

Nancy Diment

Project Manager

Nancy Diment recently retired from a prolific career in the pharmaceutical industry. She was a Director at Astellas for 10+ years and a senior leader at Pfizer for nearly 30 years.

Nancy is the lead project manager and valued board member for Live Happii Retreats. She currently resides in Kalamazoo, MI.